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Behind The Lens - Blog for Wiggle

Here is a blog interview that I did for Wiggle, where I talk a bit about my background, what i'm looking for when I photograph bikes etc .. there may even be an image or two in there you haven't seen before (but no promises on that).

In other news, I will be getting another blog together shortly about a shoot I did with a rider and a Cyclocross bike; with plenty of behind the scenes photography... so keep a watch out for that! 

And finally, toward the end of January i'm hoping to organise another MTB photography shoot, time and location to be decided yet.

  • The Art of MTB Photography

    Photographing Mountain Bikes and their riders is not the easiest thing - but is hugely enjoyable…

    "Breaking Bad" Habits

    It's been a while since I last blogged, in truth it's been a while since I last did anything creative - this week I broke that habit, and completed my first 'Personal Project'. So a few months ago I decided to try to focus more on my photography by…

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